I had the pleasure of collaborating with Didi to organize and develop a Senior Managers course in ServiceNow, and his expertise, professionalism, and dedication were truly exceptional.

Didi displayed remarkable organizational skills and reliability throughout the entire process. He actively listened to our organization’s needs and collaborated closely with us to create a customized agenda that perfectly addressed our requirements. From start to finish, Didi ensured every detail was carefully considered, including energizing course openings, celebratory closures, and giveaways as course mementos.

The participants expressed high satisfaction with the course and Didi’s teaching style. They appreciated his effective lesson delivery, which ensured all participants had equal opportunities to contribute. By striking a perfect balance between theory and practical application, Didi empowered the participants to gain a comprehensive understanding and develop actionable strategies.

Moreover, Didi fostered an environment that encouraged connections and collaborations among the participants. Beyond the classroom, the course facilitated networking opportunities and inspired collaborations that extended beyond the course duration. Participants shared their enthusiasm for putting their newfound knowledge into practice and credited Didi for creating an engaging and impactful learning environment.

I met Didi in the context of an organizational development effort that started with the DiSC model. During our work and mutual thought process, we decided to expand the scope of our work to include improving the interface between two highly interdependent work teams.

On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Didi. I found Didi to be a valuable partner for deep, complex, and sensitive thinking while always being mindful of the organizational environment and the challenges we faced. Together, we designed an offsite workshop that proved highly effective in achieving our defined goals.

Didi has the ability to navigate interpersonal situations involving tensions and conflicts with sensitivity, intelligence, and purpose. The results of our offsite provided fertile ground for healthier dialogues and better connections between team members around annual projects and challenges.

Last year, we were preparing for an offsite with the global operations management, including managers from headquarters and operations in Israel and around the world. I knew the points I wanted to touch on: developing and promoting the management team and the interfaces between them (operations, headquarters, global, and local). At the recommendation of a colleague, I turned to Didi and together with the VP of Operations and representatives from the staff, Didi built an amazing workshop day for us. It included a session of psychodrama, which I was initially concerned about whether it would actually be successful (of course I shared my concerns with Didi). The session turned out to be excellent—very successful! The whole day was amazing! All the F2F participants praised the entire workshop and the work with Didi. Highly recommend!

Didi is a top-notch facilitator. He has the ability to break away from “mental fixation,” take the audience out of their comfort zone, and move them successfully towards a defined goal. Along with being an expert in soft skills, Didi is task- and result-oriented. He implements regular control to make sure that the material actually permeates and is applied.

Didi has been working with our organization for more than two years. He advises, guides, and takes part in diverse and complex processes, from leading professional workshops for different audiences in the organization to consulting and accompanying managers at all levels.  Didi is truly a partner in the journey. He creates a real connection with the organization and understands the culture and its own “secret” language. As a professional, Didi is always attentive to the needs of the organization, and he supports, accompanies, and advises until finding the right adapted solution in light of the organization’s needs. He does all this with a view and desire to promote the goals and success of the organization. During the past year, we held a mentoring course for senior managers. Beyond his extensive knowledge in the world of mentoring, and the amazing tools he introduced to managers, Didi demonstrated professionalism and skill throughout the process. He adapted himself to the needs of the managers, giving attention and personalized treatment to each manager and every need that arose during the journey. This created modeling within the process itself, strengthening and promoting the participating managers’ learning in each part of the course. Each of these elements had a direct effect on the success of the process (both from the mentor and mentee point of view) and positioned new, high-quality processes within the organization.

As part of my role, I identified unique learning needs among the business units I work with, and I had to adapt a customized solution to those groups. This is where Didi Oshrat enters the story: From the moment we met (before meeting with the client) he knew how to identify and understand each specific need and adapt an exact solution to it. One of the workshops we implemented was “Effective Management of Conflicts in Organizations” (given to a group of technical managers). Didi’s professionalism in guiding, listening, sharing the right models, and providing the right practical tools led to a very successful workshop! The participants felt that they had received practical tools to take them the rest of the way—beginning the very next morning—and experienced an exciting and different workshop compared to what they had experienced before. In addition, working with Didi was very pleasant. He always offered his full and immediate cooperation, consistent availability, and full attention to all details! Highly recommend!

I really enjoyed participating in the “Influence without Authority” course guided by Didi. The material was delivered in a professional and thorough manner, yet was still enjoyable and fun.  Didi is an excellent facilitator and knows how to listen and share, while also conveying the main message clearly and effectively. I feel that I have acquired real tools that will help me in any organization, as well as in my personal life.

I had the privilege to work with Didi on a variety of processes as a consultant. Didi is the kind of consultant that works in full partnership with HR, he listens carefully, work hard to adapt himself to our specific needs, without ever compromising on professionalism or quality. One of the successful programs that Didi has led for us, was a mentoring program. This program educated both managers & mentees and had a wide impact on our leaders’ development and growth.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be offered to be a participant in a mentoring program at work. The program was led by Didi and was a great success. The mentoring program for the mentors, was extremely helpful as each stage was presented with relevant tools and clear guidelines on how to contain the process and focus on specific goals to reach some resolution. I would strongly recommend introducing this program into your work environment. Beyond the actual program, we created an intimacy and partnership among the mentors that was also significant.